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Client's Wish List

  • Learn about a specific interest area and build confidence in what to support
  • Convene thought leaders and build a robust network of partners
  • Curate long-term partnerships

Services Dietel & Partners Provided

  • Conducted research
  • Identified and vetted organizations in interest area
  • Hosted convenings
  • Designed and managed grant portfolio
  • Identified thought leaders and opportunities for highly risk-tolerant grant making
  • Seeded robust, international cross collaborations
  • Led field building

Results for Client

  • Developed deep subject matter expertise
  • Gained confidence in highly-focused niche of grant making
  • Increased engagement in philanthropy and graduated from Dietel & Partners’ advisory services
  • Launched independent entity to bring work to a broader audience

How We Can Help You

Full-Service Philanthropy

If you want to retain your anonymity and outsource your philanthropy, our services include strategic planning, customized grant-making, capacity-building, co-funding, stewardship and refinement.

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Strategic Advisory Partner

If you're interested in participating actively in your philanthropy, but lack the time to dedicate to it, we offer seasoned expertise to lead you.

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If you want to learn how to become an effective philanthropist, we'll customize your education and experience until you're self-sufficient.

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Multi-Generational Family Philanthropy

When the responsibility of philanthropy is shared among family members and generations, we deliver a positive process for its development.

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Resource Enhancement

If your established foundation wants to reimagine how it can create even greater impact, we can help you leverage your efforts.

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