Ren Dietel


Ren Dietel
Senior Partner

Ren’s work reflects Dietel & Partners’ characteristic approach to grant-making: helping clients explore how their personal values inform their charitable giving and then shifting to a more satisfying and holistic vision of their potential philanthropic impact in the world. In addition, she forms close, trusted relationships with changemakers in areas of interest to her clients. In learning their challenges first-hand and supporting their strengths, she can then put her clients’ resources to best use.

Ren’s 20+ years as a teacher, administrator and capital investor informs her approach to problem-solving. She led innovative and interdisciplinary programs in independent and public schools in Seattle, San Francisco, and rural Virginia. She has a keen sense of identifying leadership skills, particularly among young, unrecognized talent. Prior to her educational career, she worked for the Capital Group, an investment management organization, in Los Angeles, New York and Washington.

Ren attended Princeton University and graduated from Stanford University, as well as Rockwood Leadership Institute’s Art of Leadership for Philanthropic Leaders Program.

She is engaged in a host of local and regional environmental issues in the Northwest and serves on the environment grant committee of the Washington Women’s Foundation. Ren also currently serves as Board President of Lyon Family Deer Island LLC of Saranac, New York.

Ren lives in Seattle with her husband, two children and various four-leggeds.