Philanthropy Wish List

Personal Needs I want to…

▢ Clarify my vision and goals and align them with my values.

▢ Determine my true comfort around risk.

▢ Build my capacity and skills as an effective philanthropist.

▢ Keep abreast of philanthropic trends, both good and bad, and learn about best practices.

Family Engagement I want to…

▢ Involve my children in our family’s philanthropy, but need guidance on how and when to engage them.

▢ Onboard the future generations of my family through thoughtfully designed family meetings.

▢ Use a personal advocate to help with the challenging dynamics of managing multi-generational wealth and philanthropy.

Partnerships & Field Building I want to…

▢ Add philanthropic guidance to my financial advisory team.

▢ Build networks and connect with other funders and stakeholders in my areas of interest.

▢ Identify gaps in funding a specific issue or area, and bring in new resources.

Grantmaking I want to…

▢ Learn how to allocate my philanthropic assets more effectively — how much to give and when.

▢ Dive into a new programmatic area, but don’t know where to start.

▢ Remain anonymous but stay connected to what I am funding.

▢ Outsource my grantmaking systems and reporting process.

▢ Identify and select grantees through a robust due diligence process.

▢ Apply the following len(ses) to my philanthropy, including: Woman & Girls, Gender, Equality, Climate, Human Rights, etc.

▢ Provide deep support to the grantee organizations I choose, including:

▢ Strategic Planning

▢ Business Planning

▢ Talent Development

▢ Leadership Transitions

▢ Board Development

▢ Fundraising

▢ Communications and Marketing

▢ Technology

▢ Partnership Development

Alignment & Assessment I want to…

▢ Learn how to evaluate the organizations I support and understand if my philanthropy is effective.

▢ Assess my current philanthropy so I know what worked well and what adjustments are needed.

▢ Align my investments with my charitable giving.

Download and print the checklist. Check off all that apply to you. Use this page for reflection and conversation with others.