Tory Dietel Hopps Joins Other Financial Activists to Pioneer Better Ways to Activate the Positive Potential of Money

ICI 2018-19 Cohort - photo credit: Alicia Arcidiacono

ICI 2018-19 Cohort - photo credit: Alicia Arcidiacono

Tory is a member of RSF Social Finance’s Integrated Capital Institute’s (ICI) second cohort and has been featured in RSF’s Spring 2019 Newsletter. Through her participation, Tory has been building her capacity to help our clients activate their whole portfolios in line with the change they want to see in the world.

Dietel & Partners has implemented integrated capital strategies (the coordinated use of different forms of financial capital and non-financial resources to support an enterprises working to solve complex social and environmental problems) with our clients over the years, participation is enabling us to do so in more confident and creative ways.

ICI is a nine-month immersive program and Tory notes, “because this group represents multiple different geographic locations, backgrounds, and sectors, there is a dynamic variety of vantage points. These differing approaches and experiences collectively create an exciting and meaningful experience.” RSF is accepting applications for their third cohort to begin in October of 2019.

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