Job: Investment Manager/ Senior Manager, RSF Social Finance

RSF’s Investments History:
In 2006, RSF developed one of the first 100% institutional impact DAF portfolios in the industry. This impact portfolio was diversified across asset-classes including short-term cash managers, fixed income, direct equity investments, and the vanguard of impact private equity and venture capital. Historical performance of this portfolio over the last decade has demonstrated a correlation between financial performance and social and environmental impact.

Since 2006, RSF’s Donor Advised Fund (DAF) has grown significantly and now sits at a balance of roughly $70MM. Significant parts of the original portfolio have turned over and the carve-outs of the portfolio that were invested in long-tenured investment classes, such as venture capital and private equity, are organically winding down as those funds reach maturity. This presents a unique opportunity to develop a new investment strategy at RSF, one that will advance the industry towards generating deeper long-term social and environmental outcomes, rather than output measurement. Our intention is to evaluate and onboard investment positions that demonstrate scalability, community engagement, and outcomes rigor in evaluating social and environmental impact.

Scope of the Investments Manager’s Role:
Reporting to the Director of Investments, the Investments Manager will help design and then manage the execution of RSF’s new investment strategy to optimize the impact of philanthropic DAF assets through due-diligencing, structuring, and making recommendations on capital deployment. This highly technical investment management role is a unique opportunity for a candidate with traditional finance and investing experience to career switch into the rapidly growing impact investing space. This role will also help advance the impact investing industry into the development of a 100% impact portfolio that is focused on delivering measurable outcomes.

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