Custom Engagements


How We Partner

We tailor our philanthropic advisory services to fit the wants and needs of unique clients. One size does not fit all. We are experienced with helping a variety of profiles—those new to philanthropy or seasoned givers, those with inherited or with earned wealth, clients with family offices and grant-making infrastructures or those with none. In general, our partnerships with clients fall into the arrangements represented below or some combination of them.

How We Can Help You

Full-Service Philanthropy

If you want to retain your anonymity and outsource your philanthropy, our services include strategic planning, customized grant-making, capacity-building, co-funding, stewardship and refinement.

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Strategic Advisory Partner

If you're interested in participating actively in your philanthropy, but lack the time to dedicate to it, we offer seasoned expertise to lead you.

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If you want to learn how to become an effective philanthropist, we'll customize your education and experience until you're self-sufficient.

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Multi-Generational Family Philanthropy

When the responsibility of philanthropy is shared among family members and generations, we deliver a positive process for its development.

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Resource Enhancement

If your establishment foundation wants to reimagine how it can create even greater impact, we can help you leverage your efforts.

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“What we’ve appreciated most is how tailored their approach has been to our unique situation and how wise and seasoned they have been in walking beside us as thought partners and advisors to help us look back on where we have been and chart a new course forward.”


Emily Nielsen Jones, Imago Dei Fund