Carol Pickering


Carol Pickering
Associate Partner

Carol works closely with all the Partners facilitating the development of strategies and program areas of interest to Dietel & Partners’ clients. She’s particularly knowledgeable about issues surrounding sustainable agriculture and food systems, fisheries, gun violence prevention and archives.

Carol helps individuals and families find the connections between their philanthropic goals and the organizations and initiatives that work in alignment with those interests. She’s a reliable resource in asking and answering tough questions concerning portfolio strategy, policy and advocacy, and funder collaborations.

Her early career as a business journalist fueled her investigative skills. She was a reporter at The Writing Company in Portland, Maine and later joined the editorial boards of Forbes ASAP and Business 2.0 magazines as a staff writer. Her interests led her to join a start-up food company in 2006, where she developed an interest in Maine’s value-added food industry. She helped start the Maine Food Producers Alliance, a non-profit business association for Maine’s food producers.

Carol is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound and Holderness School. She is a trustee of the Pickering Foundation in Salem, Massachusetts, a foundation dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of the Pickering House and family. She is an Executive Committee member of the Fund for a Safer Future, a Steering Committee member of the Chesapeake Bay Funders Network, and on the Board of Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders (SAFSF).

She lives in Portland, Maine with her husband and two children, and is a proud member of the Sea Bags Women’s J/24 sailing team.